Thursday, March 12, 2015


The day.. Just feels like it happened so fast. Work continued being crazy. Felt like constant phone calls. Got into a disagreement on fb. My dislike of restaurant tippng and the example I found of a different, arguably better way got interpreted as an attack on a friend's income. At least he seemed willing to discuss rather than yell. Though I apologized for the offence and never got a response. Not sure if he saw it. I'll avoid the subject in the future. Had a union meeting tonight. It was really hot in the. Meeting room.

Going to see some houses rinirris

Monday, March 9, 2015

quick day

     I'm about to go to sleep. . and I feel I probably didn't do enough useful today.  The day started and it was difficult to get out of bed.  But I did and I got a ride one more time.  I really really hope my bike is still good to ride tomorrow.  It was last time I checked. I got a ride because I was worried about random snow or ice not quite melted in the morning.

     The day was mostly uneventful, though I made sure to go for a 30 min walk at lunch so that I could make my gym pact. I've apparently been penalized a few times and hadn't realized it because it had come out of my account that I almost never check. . I lucked out in figuring it out finally because I just barely avoided overdrawing.  I've now, just a minute ago, cashed out over $15 to go into the account that I had previously been penalized in.

     The other interesting things while at work included:  talking to a girl named Cashe (pronounced Cash-ay), being told by a college friend that I was the reason they were not homophobic, and signing up for a 3d printing class tomorrow.  The newsletter that talked about the classes only came out today and they filled up really fast.  Tomorrow was the only day I could do.  Also I actually got feedback from my adviser about my Jury writing. yay.  now I need to slack less for schoolwork

    After work I got a ride home and Billy had a headache.  We had plans to meet up with another college friend for dinner.  We went to Crane Alley and a 4th person joined us that I hadn't seen in probably 7 years or so. at least.  It was a good dinner and Billy seemed to enjoy himself. . except for the headache.  When we got home he pretty much went right to bed.  I went out to get him some Aleve and he took it and stayed in bed.

     I transcribed my audio feedback from my advisor, and took a shower, after cleaning the cat litter box.  Now I am going to bed.

Pleasant dreams.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

well apparently I'm tired but I still don't want to sleep.

     I remembered a dream this morning.  yay.  But you saw that.  Today I woke up, had Bulletproof coffee, got my lunch together and got picked up by Stephanie.  Got to work, and was fairly busy till the end.  I expected to get an email today about my pre approval letter for our mortgage for the house we are going to get, but so far nothing.  If I don't get it tomorrow I'll call.

     I talked to Billy over lunch though it was a bit loud.  I wish I had an office I could hide in and eat with the door shut and the light out for lunch. Andrea wasn't there today so I had to get coey to give me a ride home.  Billy cooked a nice dinner of chicken and vegetables from a paleo web site.  I think he's going to get some recipes from Stephanie also. We also talked through some more house stuff.  I feel like if we were married, there wouldn't be an issue, and it would probably all just be jointly done.  But as it was pointed out to me, it is probably a good idea to have a plan, at least talked about how things might get divided up if we ever broke up.  We need to find out how putting a name on a deed works and what the various outcomes might be in different situations.  Ultimately if he's paying for half of everything, even if his name isn't on the mortgage, he'll want to, and deserves to get equity out of it if we ever sell it or if we break up.  I'm not sure what we'll do yet if we break up and say, I still want to live in the house.  Course if I got the house, I'd have to have a roommate no matter what, except if I somehow get an amazing much better paying job before then.  So it's good we are talking about it.

     Also, apparently if we get married it will be when I pop the question.  He's probably good for it anytime I'm ready.  Marriage is so . . strange.  I feel like my perception of when one proposes.. has been skewed by movies and popular media.  but we'll see.  There will be a point that I'll decide I need to make it happen, I'm sure.

anyway. . After dinner, I played Nobils.  It was a really good game,.. and I think we are almost done with this one.  Things are really getting intense.  Then I took a nice hot shower, and got ready for bed pretty much.  . this is is part of getting ready for bed.

now good night and pleasant dreams. :)

Dream : leaving

I  know there was more.. But I remember I was leaving a city in the way home. Kelly was there. And I know got r me money was tight and I almost had trouble getting a  ticket. I had a spontaneous adventure feeling. I  remember walking outside, dodging traffic with the group on the way to a train station. Kind of like Chicago. I remember not finding the door to GO in station till it was pointed out to me.

That's all for now.

Monday, March 2, 2015

too tired to write much. . I got up, went to work.  ate great food that billy made.  worked on some school work. and then went sledding with Audra and Cat.  then came home, showered and sat in a hot bath and then played Godus.  now sleeping

Tiny fragments

All I'm getting so far is bits about Mr Argent from teen wolf. I'll write more later if I remember more.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

pre bed night 2

     So another thing that may help me dream more or remember them better, might be  getting more sleep.  I mean if I go to bed sooner and I feel like I don't have to pull myself out of bed with as much difficulty I may be able to concentrate on remembering better.  I remembered a dream this morning. . but it was weird, because when it all came to me. . it almost seemed like a story that I'd read instead of a dream I actually remembered having.

     Anyway, the events of today started with getting up around 10a.m. to my wonderful boyfriend telling me that breakfast was on the way.  I eventually pulled myself together and noticed I'd missed some calls from my parents. . there were way early.  One was even before 9 a.m. on a sunday. :)  who gets up that early. . on purpose.. .  Oh I should mention that I woke up at some point way early casue the cat was bothering billy.  I took her downstairs but sort of played wither her a bit and then fell asleep on the couch.. or maybe it was the loveseat.  He came down and apparently went to sleep on the couch and the cute kitteh curled up on him.   I went back to bed upstairs. . and then we jump to breakfast being ready.

     I spent a few minutes writing down the dream, and then used the rest room and got dressed.  After breakfast of egg muffins and coffee, I started doing the dishes and called mom and dad back on my phone.  They were having trouble getting their laptop to have an extended screen on their big t.v.  I had them switch to doing a hangout with me from that computer and I used the remote desktop feature to  fix first their sound and microphone.. then show them how to change the way the monitors were set up by going to the resolution screen.

     Then I got distracted trying to explain why homosexual relationships were not really that different than heterosexual ones.  I am not sure I'll ever get through to this guy.  His main argument was that because men and women were fundamentally different. . the relationship had to be fundamentally different between same or different sex couples.  I'm of the opinion that since men and women can both contribute in most of the same ways to relationships and because all women do not contribute to relationships the same, and all men do not.. then it's really that there is a certain. . sort of sum of things that a good relationship must consist of, and both men and women can make up that sum in different and various forms. Anyway, I have a feeling that I'm not going to make dent with this guy, but at least he's civil.

     So then at 2 I played DnD with Alvin and Co.  It went pretty well though we made it a 2 parter.  I played that till 6, and then discussed some reorganization that might happen for another 20 minutes.  Then I got bundled up, shoveled around / out the car and went to pick up some forzen pizza's for dinner.  We ended up splitting one and having some cheese sticks.

     Billy was pretty tired after dinner and didn't stay up very much later.  He went to bed between 8 and 9.  Our sheets needed washing so, I washed them while he slept in the spare bedroom.  Stuff took forever to dry so I layed on the couch with the kitteh working on schoolwork as well as watching more Teenwolf.  (if I really believed very many people read this I might be slightly embarrassed about watching that :))

     I was actually tired as well. . and now that the bed is made I'm crashing. . I almost went to bed sooner but then remembered I needed to write this.  also there was a tower defense game on that needed playing. :)

Good night.

Today's dreams

So I woke up twice this morning, and remember dreaming both times, but.. I only remember one dream very clearly. There was some kind of alien invasion.. I think I was at a school. Humans were made into obedient unquestioning slaves.. Don't something. We had a couple of handlers that were possibly sympathetic. My friends and I found out that the project the aliens had us doing was bring scrapped because it wasn't useful to the aliens anymore and that meant that they were going to kill every one, including the two handlers. There was one male and one female. I watched the male get struck down.. And at the last minute lent him my soul.. Or possibly life.. And weird time stuff happened and he was able to act to stop the aliens from killing everyone, but still died. I was in a weird limbo stare till he was done. Then.. I felt like I was in a changeling role playing game and wanted to see about changing kiths. To one that dealt with ghosts.