Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Google + dream

I just took a nap and had a dream about Google +.  The oddest part about the dream was that the idea that we could use it to teleport was something we always could do with google plus.  It was like a feature comparable to hangouts.

In my dream I'd used google plus to bring this guy Xabier Ostale, who I had just hung out with before falling asleep, to my sister's house.  I remember sitting there, in the dream,  with Xabier and my mom, and suddenly thinking about how we could make some kind of centralized teleporting hub by making a door.  In the dream we knew specific rules for how this worked, but there was also a point that I couldn't quite think of what they were or why it was important to have the doors set up a certain way.  Anyway, we were coming up with plans and Annamarie McCloud was around, and so was Jacob McCloud and I asked Annamarie if she could give me Jacob's infor for google plus.

then I woke up.