Saturday, November 26, 2011

larp dream?

So I just woke from a dream that made me feel like I was in college again.  It was really fun.  Fist I remember the whole thing pretty much took place in either a hotel or a fairly large apartment complex.  And Shaun was having a party with roommates on one of the higher up floors.  I remember that I was there while Shaun was getting ready for the party and then he made me leave his room when he actually put on clothes.  I didn't know his roommates but everyone was being pretty nice.  I had some food and hung out a little bit.  Then I left.  Maybe Shaun left then as well, but I'm not sure.

Now I'm a bit fuzzy about order with my memory, but here are things I remember:  going down the stairs of the building and running into a bridal party in which the theme was "immortal wedding" and for some reason that didn't work out so well for the bride.  I think somehow they piled on top of each other in a possibly dangerous way in the stairwell outside one of the doors.  The bride had some idea to use a lighter to get out of their situation.  something to do with fire hurting even the immortal.  I kept going down the stairs and I believe I ran into other people I knew.  There was a restaurant on the first floor. and I found some people I knew from the old LARP days.  I there was a game going on.  I remember speculating about what kind of character I might play, and thinking about a Gangrel.  I also had a slightly confusing interaction with this guy and his friends encouraging it that ended up with me and him leaving and going somewhere.  I can't remember if we did anything else but I do remember making out with him initiating it.  He was also one of the old LARP friends who I didn't previously think was into guys. It was Matt L.  He looked (as did most people in this dream) like he did from the college years.

Anyway, that happened and then I think there was some time when I actually played in the LARP, and then it was over, and there was ST time.. and then food.  I remember seeing Dan Chen, Sarah Chen, Katie Holly, Mike Steen, who was recruiting for some kind of stage production I think, and a bunch of other people that seemed familiar but I don't remember the names of now. So after food, I remember being somewhere with less people and Matt and his friends where there was some gentle ribbing about us.  very college /high school feel to it.

then I woke up.