Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 days into Visiting Kelly and Adam in Ca

For those who may be interested, I've survived my first two days with Kelly and Adam and the kids. I got in really late Saturday night/Sunday morning. Sunday we went to the farmer's market and generally hung out. I got to see Clara ride her bike and Kelly and Adam rode their bikes with Eli in his child's seat. Yesterday Clara went to school, and then Kelly hosted a play group. It turned out to mostly just be the neighbors down the street because other people cancelled for various reasons. We also had a friend and colleague of Adam's over for Dinner. She was very nice. Kelly cooked stew for dinner. She's a great cook.

Today I got to see a cactus garden, went to the mall, and saw some redwoods and the ocean briefly. The kids were fun to have with us.

Here are the pictures I took so far: