Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So the short version:    I can walk without assistance    It feels really really freaking weird.  I'm getting used to using all of my leg muscles again fairly quickly though.  tomorrow I'll probably test out the bike riding thing.  sort of nervous about that.  but can't wait to do it. :)
Here are my x-rays:



Friday, September 2, 2011

no pictures

I just wanted to do a quick update about my foot:  I had to return the roll a bout on wed. after work.  This is good because it forced me to walk more instead of taking the easy/fast way to get around.  This does mean I'm still a bit slower than I was, but the good news is that I'm noticing fairly quick improvement in how easy it is to get around/walk.  I'm carrying my crutch with me still (only one) because it makes me go a bit faster and "just in case" really.  It helps when I get tired.  My foot is hurting less and less though.  My next appointment is the 14th.  no biking or walking without the boot till then at least.