Monday, November 19, 2012

rizzoma dreams discussion

hey so check out and comment on my rizzoma dream log discussion:

I still think it's the best way to discuss things.  wish it could be embedded in blog or g + posts or something.

ok. I'm up way too late, but right now I'll go to sleep with listing some things I'm grateful for:

1. I'm grateful for my friend Eric really trying to make helping him because he's in prison to be as low pressure as possible.

2. I'm grateful for my awesome friends.

3. I'm grateful for a wonderful family to celebrate thanksgiving with.  and for the family that can't be there but still keeps in touch with me and skypes with me so I can see them. :)

4.  I'm grateful for a job that has grate co-workers and will facilitate me furthering my education.

5.  I'm grateful for a nice house and a cozy bed to sleep in. :)

good night.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rizzoma, Castle and Once Upon a Time

So, I want to try and use Rizzoma for discussions again.  They've made a lot of improvements recently and I want to show it to people so join in this discussion about Castle or Once Upon a time here:

Rizzoma discussion