Saturday, February 28, 2015

dreams and sundry.

     I'm not sure if there is anyone reading this at this point, but I thought I might try to write before sleeping regularly again.  Really that's about a conversation I had tonight in which I decided I wanted to make an effort to remember, and maybe even have lucid dreams again.  I don't really remember having full on lucid dreams, but two people at dinner tonight were talking about how they have them and how awesome they were.  The main  step seems to be remember dreams. . and talking about them and "engaging in them" which means really the first step is to work on remembering them more often.  When I write before bed I tend to remember my dreams more.  Also I think it helps let go of thoughts that might make it harder to sleep.

     So I'm tired and don't want to be up too much longer but I'll write a bit about how today went and then crash.  I started the day around 10,  Made myself some eggs, and did the dishes while Billy went to get his hair cut.    Then I took a shower and was there when he got home. I put on some music while I got dressed and shaved and tried to figure out if there was anything I needed to do before our appointment at 1:00pm

     At 1, we went to Coey's house to meet her Realtor.  We started really looking into possibly buying a house about 2 weeks ago, and I met with a mortgage person for a pre-approval consultation.   For the longest time I didn't  think I'd be able to afford a house, thought it would lock me down to this town for too long (though I've been here for almost 15 years since graduation), and I had it in my head that one generally buys a house either if they are rich, or when they get married.  That last part wasn't necessarily logical.  Anyway, I realize now is as good as a time as most others, and while there have been no proposals as of yet, I know I'd like to buy a house with Billy.  

     I was getting a bit tangent ed there, but back to the day:  The meeting went well, it was very informative. I should be getting my pre-approval letter for the mortgage next week, and then we can *really* start to look.  It did go a bit longer than expected though.  We left Coey's at about 20 till 4 and drove to Bloomington in order to have dinner with Jenna and her friends at a nice Restaurant called Baxters.I really liked it. It's a bit pricey, but it was nice.  We paid for Jenna's dinner and had good conversation in general.  I really like Jenna's friends.  It was during desert that two of them were talking about Lucid dreams.

     After dinner most of us went back to Jenna's place to play Telestrations (awesome telephone/drawing game), but that was after Eric's surprise for Jenna.  We played a quiz to see how well we knew Jenna on a web site called  The site is pretty awesome and talking about how it could be used in education made Eric and I realize we had a few more things in common as far as school goes.  Billy won the quiz and Eric and Angie had a $5 gift card for the winner.   yay.

     Then we played Telestrations for 2 rounds which got us to about 10ish.  Billy and I decided we were going to brave the snow to get home to our little kitteh and it was a bit  of a stressful drive home.  I kept watching my navigation app to count down the miles.  Billy drove.. . and I kinda wish I'd driven and or we'd stayed at Jenna's till the plows had come through.  Natalie would have been o.k. till we got here tomorrow.  Billy was in a terrible "enraged" mood when we got home.  I was just glad we made it safe and it wasn't past midnight when we got here.

     And now I'm writing this and heading to bed.  The Kitteh is curled up next to me in the cat bed and I'll carry her into the bedroom to see if she'll stay with us. :)  If I remember my dreams in the morning, I'll post about it here.  

     One last thing, if you read this . . feel free to say hi.  I'm curious if anyone will catch this after this much time since my last post.  Have fun. :)

--- Gryphon