Saturday, December 26, 2015

been a while since I wrote a dream post.

Angie and I were sneaking around a big old house.  I thin it was supposed to be haunted.  I think . . we saw something either definitely scary or definitely haunted, and then we got out and drove to another place where angie knew someone who would be able to help?

At this new house I sort of just followed her lead.  She opened the door and walked in.  I think maybe we knocked or rang the doorbell, but I think I head voices.  Angie was faster than me.  I might have been distracted by something.  But she went in and went down some stairs.  the house or at least the basement was really pretty big.  IT was well lit and I had this.  very, hippyish feel to it.  I remember looking in one wrong room with an older person in it and apologized saying I was looking for my cousin.
Eventually I found her.. but we went somewhere else.  I am not sure if we went through a portal, or stairs or what but it was very . . cloudy, and .. more surreal.  We were in a place that was like walking on clouds.  There were other . . creatures and people there.  There was a weird.  system ? set up whee there was a portal and sometimes. . dark things came out of it. and sometimes. . people came out.  there was a kind of balance between dark and light.  

Much of the dream was themed around being somewhere I wasn't quite supposed to be.  Not because it was necessarily against the law, but more that I was in someone else's place without permission. Also Angie was the knowledgeable one, but not always. . extremely knowledgable.  I spent most of the dream following her around, or looking for her.

I know there were many details in every location I can't quite remember.  I remember being scared in the ..haunted house.  and I remember feeling like I was not trespassing, but moving through someone else's house without permission, in the 2nd house, and I remember being a stranger in a weird magical . . land in the cloud place.  

I remember the clouds there being fluffy, almost warm, and shapeable.  and I do remember talking to people and creatures in the cloud place.  So much more I can't quite remember.

Bryan K.