Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This morning's Dream

All I remember is that I was in a house that was not one I recognized.  My sister and my parents were there.  Something was happening, I feel like it might have been kinda scary, but maybe not.  I was surprised that I remembered so much, and I should have written it down right away.  well now I'd better get to sleep.  hopefully I remember more tomorrow.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

action movie dream

So I had a dream this morning that felt like I was the main character in the middle of an action movie.  I was in a huge building and moving around a large .. chasam, like area.  It was like those buildings, like a hotel or something with offices that had a big open space from the first floor to the top, but I was so high up I couldn't really see the bottom.  I was near the top and the walkways were more like ledges without railings.

I had handcuffs on that I could get out of anytime I wanted, and I was in trouble for doing something wrong, like arresting the bad guy the wrong way.  Possibly there was something about the situation that the law didn't believe me about.  I was either by myself, or people in charge had to leave to handle some kind of emergency.  I was walking around the ledge, crossed the gap, and then down some stairs on my way somewhere.  Then I suddenly realized that the bad guy was loose.

I took the handcuffs off and started going back up the way I came.  I got to the top of the other side and somehow I saw the bad guy in just the perfect place below me. I was able to sneak up on him and kick him in the back to knock him off the ledge.  Unfortunately I only knocked him down a floor or so.  I was trying to see if he was hurt or dead or whatever when I woke up.

yup.  writing before bed works.  I don't think I spent as much time imagining going through the new house as I wanted.  I'll try and do that tonight.

See ya.

trouble sleeping so I might as well write

My nose is stuffed up a bit so that it's a little hard to breath through my nose and I don know if I'm tense but I'm having trouble relaxing to sleep.

so I thought I'd try typing a bit.  I thought maybe I'd encourage lucid dreaming by writing about my day.  maybe I'll at least remember my dreams.

so the day went pretty well over all.  We had a homebuyer's class that went from 9 a.m. to 1:30pm  It was supposed to go to 2, but got out a bit early.  They also bought us lunch.  There were only 9 of us in the class, and the instructor was pretty good.  There was a lot of material that everyone in the class had already lived through.  I think everyone was going to the class to satisfy a requirement of a grant/loan deal and had already found a house and had a closing date.  It was a good class.

It was sort of both reassuring and. . nervousness inducing at the same time, but not too much nervousness.

When we got home, we went for a walk, and then both took naps on the couches sort of spontaneously.  I'd been looking forward to a "movie night" but Billy was too tired to really enjoy one so we put it off.  It was good for me though because I got some useful stuff done for my juries.  I'm still not working on them enough.  I was, however disappointed and had some of my crazy "jarring" effect  get to me.  It was probably for the best anyway.

After I worked on my Juries until around 8:30, I came downstairs and had ice cream while Billy watched youtube DIY woodworking shows.   He went to bed and I came up to give him a leg massage because he said his legs were aching.  Then I played Hearthstone until I tried to sleep a bit after 1. . maybe 1:30. I did get Natalie to lay in bed with us until I got up because I wasn't breathing through my nose well and I couldn't relax.

NOw it's almost 3 and if I still can't relax when I go back up I'll come down and try some alcohol.  I'm planning on picturing myself flying around or walking around our new house and see if I can make myself dream about it.

o.k. now I sleep.  good night/morning.